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Walmart Car Battery Warranty

Updated: Aug 13, 2020

Car batteries can range in value from $50 up to more than $300. The battery is a component of your vehicle you will more than likely have to replace at least once during the lifetime of your car. Ensuring you have a warranty that covers the cost of your battery can help you save money on maintenance down the road. Buying your car battery from Walmart will give you that protection automatically, as the Walmart Car Battery Warranty is included in the purchase price. This article serves as a guide on how to take full advantage of Walmart’s warranty program.

How much does a Walmart Car battery warranty cost?

Walmart sells three lead-corrosive batteries that are exclusive to Walmart and cannot be purchased elsewhere. They are easily identifiable by a sticker on the battery’s case.

  1. EverStart Value

  2. EverStart Plus

  3. EverStart Maxx

An EverStart battery will vary in price depending on their cold-cranking amps (CCA), the number of amps required for your vehicle to run. Included in the purchase price is Walmart’s Car Battery Warranty. The warranty length will be determined by which battery you purchase.

  • EverStart Value: Free replacement within ONE year of purchase

  • EverStart Plus: Free replacement within TWO years of purchase

  • EverStart Maxx: Free replacement within THREE years of purchase

After purchasing a battery, check with your Walmart Auto Care Center to find out if you can get credit from your old battery and apply it to the lead-acid disposal fee (about $12).

NOTE: The EverStart Maxx Battery used to offer a prorated 5-year warranty that has since been discontinued. Check with the auto care center to see if you are covered by those terms.

How does the Walmart Car Battery warranty work?

At its simplest, if your battery stops working within the warranty period, you are eligible to swap it out for a replacement battery at no charge. Below you will see the types of damages that are and are not covered under your warranty.

  • If your battery was damaged by means outside of your control, you are covered under the Walmart Car Battery warranty.

    • Corrosion or battery leakage

    • Battery case begins to bulge

    • Battery will not charge to its full capacity

    • Battery will not start your vehicle

  • If your battery was accidentally damaged by you or any other person(s), more than likely it’s not covered under the warranty.

    • The vehicle was involved in an accident and the battery was damaged

    • The battery is left exposed to outdoor elements and was destroyed

    • You self-install the battery and it short circuits

Ultimately, your Walmart store has the final say and it is at their discretion to make that determination. In the event you have an unused car battery that you no longer need, Walmart’s return policy states you have 90 days from the date of purchase to return it. The form (cash, debit/credit, or store credit) of your refund will be determined by the method of original payment, and whether or not you have a receipt. You may have a better chance of receiving a refund of the full price if you have an original receipt.

Walmart tool to find the right fit for your vehicle

Before purchasing a car battery from Walmart, it is important to find out what size battery your vehicle will need. You can locate this information in the battery section of your owner’s manual. If you no longer have the manual, there are several reference guides you can consult online to determine the appropriate battery size for your car. Walmart also provides an online tool to check their batteries’ compatibility with your vehicle.

How do I claim the warranty?

To claim the Walmart Battery Warranty, you must visit the service desk at your local Walmart Auto Care Center. You can visit a different store, but if you are visiting the same store it was purchased from, they might be able to look up your original receipt if you can provide the purchase date. Additionally, the serial number of your battery might aid in identifying the purchase date.

NOTE: There are several data points that state you must keep your receipt to receive the warranty, and others indicating you don’t need it. Use your best judgment, and as a suggestion, you could tape it to the body of the battery or take a picture to keep track of it.

What are signs to have your car battery checked?

A car battery warning light glowing on your dashboard is a clear indicator your battery is having issues and should be checked out. In some instances, your vehicle may not have a warning light dedicated to the battery, and in this case, your check engine light might come on.

The age of your car battery can affect your vehicle’s operation. Car batteries are not designed to last more than about four or five years and may last even shorter if you live in extreme weather conditions.

Extreme weather conditions can also cause:

  • Corrosion - Can be identified by sulfurous (egg-like) smell or green discoloration around the battery terminals

  • Battery swelling - The entire battery case will start to bulge

Another indication your battery isn’t functioning properly is if you are experiencing electrical issues; your car won’t start, power windows aren’t operating, the lights won’t come on, etc. This could be a side effect of a faulty alternator that is not properly charging your battery. Even so, if you find yourself in this type of situation, you may have a dead battery that needs to be replaced.

The Walmart automotive department offers free battery testing and installation with the purchase of a new battery from any Walmart Auto Care Center. They will also recycle your old battery, regardless of where (Amazon, Autozone, etc) it was purchased from.

Why is getting a car battery warranty important?

The battery is arguably one of the more important components of a vehicle. It powers everything from the headlights to the heated seats. Like other valued items, it is a good idea to make sure the necessary components of a vehicle are covered in the case of damage or malfunction. Car batteries are not designed to last the entire lifetime of your vehicle, which is why having a battery warranty can save you if it dies, and help reduce maintenance costs. Make sure you know the warranty information about your car battery warranty, as they can vary depending on battery brands and where it was purchased.

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