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The University of Hawaii Credit Union partners with Clutch to power its digital lending experience.

Aloha! Clutch is pleased to announce The University of Hawaii Credit Union has taken the leap and joined our fintech family. We could not be more excited to welcome them and all of their members. Special thanks to Bryan Anderson, Bari Carroll, Stacey Robinol, Travis Bow, Dustin Matsudaira, and the rest of the University of Hawaii team for trusting us!

UHFCU has been working with Clutch over the past few months to build a fully digital user experience to their loan origination process and allow members to apply for loans in under 5 minutes! They generated their first loan applications through Clutch in early November and we are excited to see the growth they'll achieve in the next few years.


Founded in 1955, with over 30,000 members and $750m in assets, UHFCU is one of the most trusted Credit Unions in Hawaii. Touting a "wholesome alternative" to big banks, UHFCU offers fantastic member service with local roots in the community and is proud to serve The Aloha State!

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