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Clutch Partners with to grow the future of Credit Union finance

Clutch is excited to announce our partnership with Zest AI! Together, we will work towards our shared vision of turning Credit Unions into Fintechs, building a more equitable financial system, and helping all of our Credit Union members achieve their financial goals through fair lending. We have known the amazing people at for some time now and look forward to aligning ourselves in a way to benefit our mutual partners going forward.

"Our goal is to turn Credit Unions into fintechs. The partnership with Zest AI will remove further friction from the loan application process and will bring us yet another step closer to our goal. We fell in love with what Zest AI is doing, and both our products become even better through this partnership." - Nicholas Hinrichsen, CEO & Co-Founder of WithClutch.

"It's extremely important in today's economic climate that financial institutions figure out every possible way to help members maximize their disposable income. Working with the Clutch team means that together we can provide members greater flexibility through fair and affordable reduced monthly payments on their loans." -José Valentín, Senior Vice President of Partnerships at Zest AI.

Our partners and future partners will be able to deliver the best digital lending experiences to their members and ultimately increase decisioning speed, accuracy, and fairness.

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