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Lyft Vehicle Requirements to Know Before Applying to Be a Lyft Driver

Lyft is the second-largest rideshare company in the United States after Uber. The company allows individuals to use their own cars to transport paying customers to their desired destination through a mobile app platform. Driving for Lyft is an easy way to make some cash, but there are vehicle and driver requirements to be aware of before giving someone a lift. In this article, we will cover the following FAQs:

  • What are the vehicle and driver requirements for where I live?

  • Is there a vehicle age requirement?

  • Are all vehicles eligible for service?

  • Is there a way I can be a Lyft driver if I don’t own a car?

  • What is the application process like?

Vehicle Requirements

To ensure that your vehicle meets all state and city-mandated safety standards, Lyft advises visiting your state’s information page to look up regulations specific to your location. These rules and regulations take into account vehicle model year, body style, body damage, passenger capacity, and other requirements that may differ from one state to another. For all states, Lyft requires the car to be a 4-door vehicle with a minimum of 5 seatbelts (including the driver’s), with a maximum of 8 seatbelts (e.g. Toyota Highlander, Subaru Outback, Honda Civic).

Lyft offers three ride types that give drivers with qualifying high-end vehicles the opportunity to earn more:

  1. Lyft Lux: High-end, three seats, the perfect way to add a little luxury and arrive in style (e.g. Chevrolet Tahoe, GMC Acadia, Toyota Land Cruiser)

  2. Lux Black: Premium black car service that use only the most luxurious makes and models (e.g. GMC Yukon, Tesla Model S, Cadillac Escalade)

  3. Lux Black XL: Premium black SUV service to accommodate parties of up to five passengers (e.g. BMW X7, Tesla Model X, Mercedes-Benz GL-Class)

There are additional vehicle requirements to qualify for Lyft Lux, Lux Black, and Lux Black XL, as well as other region requirements for Atlanta, Boston, Nashville, Chicago, Dallas, Orlando, Los Angeles, and San Francisco.

Driver Requirements

In addition to their vehicles meeting the above Lyft car requirements, drivers must also meet Lyft driver requirements. The minimum age requirement to drive with Lyft varies by region and can be found through Lyft’s State and City Driver Info. Applicants must have a valid driver’s license and some states require the driver to have at least one year of licensed driving experience in the United States.

The following shortcuts are directly from Lyft and will explain the driver requirements in greater detail:

Are All Vehicles Eligible for Use?

To provide the most comfortable driving experience for users, Lyft does restrict certain vehicles from the Lyft platform. The following coupes and subcompact vehicles are not permitted to be used:

  • Chevrolet: Aveo, Aveo5, Metro, Sonic, Volt

  • Daewoo: Lanos

  • Ford: Fiesta

  • Hyundai: Accent

  • Kia: Rio, Rio 5-Door, Rio Cinco, Rio5

  • Mazda: Mazda 2

  • MINI: Cooper, Cooper Clubman, Cooper Countryman, Cooper Countryman Hybrid, Cooper Hardtop, Cooper S, Cooper S Clubman, Cooper S Countryman, Cooper S Countryman All4, Cooper S Countryman All4 Hybrid, Cooper S Countryman Hybrid, Cooper S Hardtop

  • Pontiac: G3

  • Scion: xD

NOTE: Subcompact vehicles that were approved for the Lyft platform before February 25, 2019 are grandfathered in and can continue to be driven. Additional subcompact vehicles cannot be added or replaced.

What If I Don’t Own a Car?

Beginning in August 2020, Lyft partnered with rental car company Sixt to give individuals access to good condition rental cars and become drivers with Lyft. Rental vehicles must be obtained through Lyft’s Express Drive program to be approved for use on the platform. The program offers three pricing plans. Each plan gives the driver unlimited Lyft miles but limits the number of personal miles. Below is the breakdown of each plan:

  • 225 personal miles starting at $209/week

  • 325 personal miles starting at $244/week

  • Unlimited personal miles starting at $219/week

To learn about specific requirements of the Express Drive program visit, or check out the video below!

How Do I Apply?

Applying to be a Lyft driver is simple and can be done completely online. You will want to ensure your driver’s license is valid and that you meet the age requirement for your region. You will also have to consent to having a criminal background check completed and to a driving record check. Finally, if you’re using your own vehicle you will need to upload proof of your vehicle's current registration, as well as personal vehicle insurance (additional third-party rideshare insurance is provided by Lyft). Once you’re approved to start driving for Lyft be sure to review the Driver Guidebook and download the Lyft Driver app. The Lyft app (available on iPhone and Android) will get you online where you get pick-up ride requests.

NOTE: In some cases, a vehicle inspection will have to be performed by an ASE or ATTI Certified Mechanic. The inspection form can be found by visiting your state’s information page.

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