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Carvana Vending Machine

Updated: Apr 25, 2021

The CEO of Carvana, Ernie Garcia boasts the motto, “Because car buying shouldn’t suck.” Buying a car can be a boring or stressful process, however Carvana has reshaped the typical dealership customer’s experience by making it easy, fast and fun. The Carvana Vending Machine is more than just a fun way to buy a car, it signifies Caravana’s innovation of the car buying experience.

This article will be addressing and answering the following questions:

This article will walk you through everything you need to know about the new way Carvana sells cars. It will discuss details of the Vending Machine such as exactly how the process works, coronavirus regulations and cover many more details on the vending machine such as where to find them, what type of cars the machine holds and frequently asked questions.

How does the Carvana Vending Machine work?

The Carvana Vending Machine presents customers with a simple 4 step car buying process:

  1. Insert your commemorative

  2. Watch your car descend down the glass tower

  3. Take it on a test drive

  4. Drive and sign it

Carvana customers begin by picking out and purchasing a vehicle on When arriving at the Carvana Vending Machine, the customer receives their custom oversized Carvana coin that represents their newly purchased vehicle. The customer simply inserts this coin into the Car Vending Machine’s coin slot, illuminating the coin receptacle and initiating the automatic vending machine delivery system. During the vending process, the machine carries the vehicle from the Tower to the Delivery Bay for pickup. Now that the customer watched their vehicle descend from the sky, they are given the keys and full possession to the car. You may be thinking, “how can I purchase a car I have never driven or seen in person?” Carvana, however, eases consumer’s minds by offering a seven day return policy of the car to make sure that the vehicle is right for the customer.

If you are trading in your vehicle or just selling your car to Carvana, you still receive an amazing experience. If you are trading in your car, you can drop off the trade in at the Carvana Vending Machine to swap it out for your new one. You will sign all necessary paperwork for the trade in and your new vehicle and then insert your token and drive away in your new car. If you are simply selling your car with Carvana, you will be instructed to drive it to the Vending Machine and Carvana will arrange an Uber ride home for you!

Can I still pick up my car at the Vending Machine under covid regulations?

Yes; Carvana Vending Machines have transferred the experience to that of a completely touchless process to support social distancing and other coronavirus regulations. New policies of the Vending Machine experience include:

  • Only one appointment each 45 minutes can be booked to give Carvana employees enough time to sanitize and to make sure appointments do not overlap

  • All Carvana employees will remain 6 feet apart from the party and use designated tables to exchange all paperwork

  • You are allowed up to 2 household members accompany you

  • Carvana asks customers to be on time to their appointment and to cancel if they are feeling unwell

  • If you reside in a state with a current lockdown mandate, you can reschedule your appointment through your Order Placed Dashboard

How many vending machines are there?

There are currently 24 Carvana Vending Machines available throughout the nation with many more to be planned in the future. Carvana’s first vehicle vending machine was built in 2016 in Nashville, Tennessee. The tallest vending machine to date is located in Tempe, Arizona at 9 stories high.

Westminster has the newest car vending machine, joining other car vending machine locations such as Nashville, San Antonio, Houston, Austin, Dallas, Raleigh, Miami, Jacksonville, Charlotte, Washington, D.C., Orlando, Tempe, Cleveland, Philadelphia, Indianapolis, Pittsburgh, Chicago, Kansas City, and Greensboro, North Carolina and Tampa, Florida.

What types of cars are in the vending machine?

7 story vending machines can hold up to 26 vehicles at a time. Vehicles located in the vending machine are used cars that have already been sold to customers through If you see a vehicle already in the vending machine that you want, a Carvana associate can help you find a similar vehicle on the website.

Can I take my token home with me?

Yes; Carvana wants you to remember your new car buying experience and urges customers to take their personalized token home.

Does the Vending Machine experience cost extra?

The Carvana Vending Machine pickup does not cost extra for customers. You will pay the same amount for your vehicle whether you retrieve it from the Vending Machine or opt for next-day vehicle delivery.

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