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How to Make the Best Listing For Bring A Trailer (BaT, using our Listings App

Updated: Nov 16, 2020

When selling your vehicle, good photos and videos can help distinguish it from other makes and models on the car market. This is ESPECIALLY true for classic and collector cars. So when its time to put your rare or exotic car up for sale how can you be sure you're capturing the right essence of the vehicle?

To make it super easy - WithClutch has created an incredibly simple car listings app for collector and exotic cars. We make it easy so you won't forget the critical shot on the list, or forget to comment on the "cold start" video that the auction audience craves. We even make it easy to make fun, thoughtful reviews so your potential buyers know what they're getting.

Typically good photos and videos come with a hefty price tag attached to them or require some skills to know how to do it. This article will provide you with a solution to create the perfect listing for free, with no previous photography background required. As long as you or someone you know has a smartphone with a decent camera, you will be good to go. Frequently asked questions this article will answer are:

  • What is Bring a Trailer?

  • Does Bring a Trailer have an app?

  • How do I create the perfect auction listing for my vehicle?

  • How do I use the WithClutch Guided app?

A Brief Overview: What is Bring a Trailer

Bring a Trailer is an online automobile auction site and enthusiast community that was founded in 2007 by Randy Nonnenberg and Gentry Underwood. The two wanted a place for other car enthusiasts to be able to find the coolest classifieds, and thus BaT was born. BaT in essence is an auction house for all sorts of cars ranging from classics, coupes, collectors, to SUVs. The Bring a Trailer organization is based out of San Francisco, CA, but provides services all across the globe. One of their most notable customers has been Jay Leno, a huge autophile, who has bought a few vehicles over the years from Bring a Trailer.

Bring a Trailer works by having potential sellers fill out an application online by providing: car make/model, basic personal information, and some photos of the car. BaT then vets the applications submitted by assigning an Application Specialist to review each application, looking at what is currently selling, what is unique, and what price the seller is looking for. Only about 40-50% of applications make it through to be sold on the site.

Examples of some popular classic cars: Porsche 911, BMW M3, Datsun, Ford Bronco, Ferrari Testarossas, and other rare race cars. However, the site isn't just hyper-expensive cars for the Rich - in fact most transactions are about $20-30k in total.

After getting approved to sell the vehicle in a BaT auction, the auction specialist and seller will work together to get the posting up and ready. The seller will mainly be the one responsible for communicating with potential buyers to arrange inspections and answer any questions. Here's where the app REALLY helps in bringing the story of the car to light.

Is there an app for Bring a Trailer?

There is currently no app for Bring a Trailer; everything must be done online or on a mobile web browser. Photos and videos will have to be completed prior to completing listings and this is one of the MOST annoying steps.

The social media links below show postings of vehicles for Bring a Trailer on different platforms and how the company utilizes the pictures and descriptions from auctions to attract more customers.

How can I create the perfect listing for Bring-a-Trailer, eBay, Craigslist, CollectingCars, or Cars & Bids

There are a few steps to take to prepare your vehicle to be posted online whether it’s Bring a Trailer, Collecting Cars, or Cars & Bids. The tips below will help you be successful in this process.

  • Clean your vehicle (inside and out)

    • Wash the outside

    • Vacuum the inside

    • Take care of any stains on the interior

Most photos on car auction sites such as Bring a Trailer have at least 80 to 100 pictures posted of the vehicle. The information below breaks down things to note when taking pictures and videos to get the biggest bang for your buck and get the deal you want.

  • Photos and videos of the vehicle

    • Don’t take photos in midday - the light is too harsh, and often direct sunlight is NOT best. An overcast day is actually great for a photo session

      • Instead, it’s advised to take pictures during the golden hour (when the sun is rising or setting are the most ideal times)

      • Cloudy days are a good alternative and provide ample exposure with less direct sunlight

      • A general rule of thumb is that 7-9 AM is good timeframe as well if you cannot be up when the sunrises

    • Avoid grainy pictures

      • You don’t have to use a DSLR or want to pay for professional photos, using a newer version smartphone that takes higher quality photos is advised at least.

    • Take photos at eye level and at waist level. Cars actually photograph best down low, so keep the camera lower than you might expect.

    • Make your car the focus of the photos

      • Avoid busy, packed areas with other distractions in the background

      • Empty parking lots, parks, garages, and other open areas to appeal to viewers are good. Often its best to have a background that complements the color of the car. (E.g. don't photograph a green car against a green background)

    • Be specific and the more photos you include, the better

      • If there are imperfections, show them, so that the buyer knows what they are investing in

      • Angles/ parts and pieces to include (multiple angles of each)

        • The odometer

        • Front fascia

        • Rear fascia

        • Side of the car (both)

        • Hood

        • Front and rear wheels (all)

        • Tire tread (all of them)

        • Front seats & Rear seats

        • Audio/Infotainment system

        • Steering wheel

        • Gear shift

        • Engine bay

        • Trunk

        • Special features (sunroof, etc)

    • Can use outside sources (paid photographer) or check out the section below on how to use the WithClutch Guided App

Examples of Bad Images:

Examples of Good Images:

  • Create a detailed and noteworthy posting

    • The eye-catcher

      • Start off your listing with the best full-body picture of the vehicle

        • The goal = lure the buyer in

    • Introduce the car

      • In a paragraph-like format, write about your vehicle, and be sure to use descriptive words that make the text read like a novel.

      • Basic Information: paintwork, engine (turbocharged, aka, turbo), oil change, wheels, transmission (automatic transmission, dual-clutch)

      • Number of previous owners (if applicable)

      • Important repairs made

      • Optional: some choose to post screenshots of the CarFax or other vehicle reports and post it on the listing

How to use the WithClutch guided App to create awesome photos and videos for my auction listing

Ready to sell your vehicle, but don’t know how to create the best photos and videos for your posting? No worries, the WithClutch guided App will help you with taking the right photos and videos, and then upload them (via email) for you to download and post on the site(s) of your choice!

Step 1: Create a login

  • Simply register with your email, which will serve as your username, and password to create an account

Step 2: VIN or Serial Number Entry

  • Your Vehicle Identification (VIN or Serial Number) can typically be found

    • In the doorjamb on the driver’s side,

    • On insurance documents

    • On car registration

    • The window of the driver’s side

Step 3: Activity Selector

  • The photos and videos will be broken up into specific categories to make the process easier so you know what to take photos of. We thought of over 125 photos to help you get started - and you can add more as you see fit.

  • Examples: Exterior, Exterior Details, Interior Photos, Interior Details Exterior Photos, Condition Shots. Here you can see the complete available photos below.

Step 4: Photo Guides

  • After clicking on an activity selector, a layout of tiled photos will appear in black and white with a photo name indicating what the photo is depicting

  • Tap on the photo/title you need, and it will open your camera

    • You will be prompted to take a level, landscape photo

  • After the photo is taken, you will be taken back to the layout screen, and your photo will now appear where the black and white photo once was. The title of what the photo is of will remain

Step 5: Video Guides

After clicking the “video guide” on the main page, you will be taken to a page that is very similar to the photo guide. The video review section will create a full length video with title screens from your stitched together segments.

  • Click the black and white video you wish to record

  • Camera screen will open up

  • If you’re unsure of what the video should look like, there is an example video you can watch beforehand.

  • Press the record button when ready, and a countdown will start

  • To stop recording the video, press the red record button again and you will be prompted to retake the video or use the footage

Step 6: Upload

  • Once you have taken all the photos and videos you wish, press the “Finalize My Media” button at the bottom of the screen.

  • You will automatically receive an email to view and download your photos and videos.

    • The videos will be compiled and result in one video with a YouTube link

Step 7: Sell your vehicle

  • Use the pictures and videos and the information in the article to create the best posting for your vehicle

Refinance or register your new Vehicle with WithClutch

Just purchased a new collector car? Check out WithClutch to learn about refinancing or how to register your vehicle. It doesn’t matter if you drive a BMW, Ferrari, Ford, Chrysler, Toyota, Mustang, Jaguar, Chevrolet, Mercedes-Benz, Corvette, Volkswagen, Dodge, Honda(type r), or Land Rover, we can help you!

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